ABL Indoor Playground is OPEN eXtended hours during the School Break:
Thursday Feb 22 & Friday Feb 23 (10am-8pm), Saturday Feb 24 (10am-6:30pm), Sunday Feb 25 (10am-2pm).
School's OUT - Come & Play

Birthday Parties

We look forward to creating great experiences for you and your family.
Best Value

Birthday Party Package “VIP”


2 hours of activities including the cake time.
Up to 15 children
Sunday with advanced registration!

Need to host a family event, baby shower, Anniversary party, Christmas party or other special function?

Play and Party is the perfect party venue for the whole family. We’ve got capacity for your intimate celebration or your 100 person family reunion or intimate wedding reception. We’ll work with you personally to design your ideal gathering and take care of all the details.
Call us today to set up your own special event.

ABL Indoor Playground is your go to place for family events and birthday celebration! The party room will provide you with the proper space and affordable packages to celebrate your child's special day and any other special events. Play & Party offers a large, clean, comfortable facility to make your special occasion the way you want it! We do our best to let parents and children always feel welcome. Children never want to leave!!
Read more about our packages for Birthday Parties:

Birthday Party Package “Party & Play”

Party & Play
2 hours of activities including the cake time, Up to 10 children, Share use of indoor play space

Birthday Party Package “Gym & Dance”

Gym & Dance
1,5 hours of activities including the cake time, Structured fun gymnastics/dance lesson for all guests, Up to 12 children

Birthday Party Package “Ultimate Fun”

Ultimate Fun
2 hours of activities including the cake time, The indoor playground, structured fun gymnastics/dance lesson for all guests, Up to 12 children

Included in every package:

Party Host
Set up and clean up
Party table cloths

Good to Know:

- Party guests under the age of 12 months are not included in your birthday package count.
- Socks are always required. No street shoes or food allowed at the Playground and dance rooms. (Socks $3).
- Parents need to provide: Food, cake and drinks, party supplies, napkins, cutlery, cups and plates for their guests.
- When Booking, a deposit of 50% of the full amount is required. This fee is not refundable.
- To save the date or for more information, please contact us at (508) 925-4537, or email us at info@ablindoorplayground.com.