ABL Indoor Playground is OPEN eXtended hours during the School Break:
Thursday Feb 22 & Friday Feb 23 (10am-8pm), Saturday Feb 24 (10am-6:30pm), Sunday Feb 25 (10am-2pm).
School's OUT - Come & Play

ABL Indoor Playground

The whole family can come to enjoy!

Birthday Parties

Large, clean, comfortable facility to make your special occasion the way you want it!

Play Dates

Meet with your Group for a PlayDay.

Parents Night Out

Take advantage of our reliable service and flexible hours.

ABL Indoor Playground provides hours of diverse fun play for children of different ages. Plus Birthday Parties, Play Dates, Parents Night Out! Clean & Safe! Air conditioned in the heat; heated in the cold; dry in the rain! Have Fun all Day!

More Hours of fun!
Updated Indoor Playground!

NEW toys, NEW equipment, NEW fun!
How about a FREE Wi-Fi, relax on comfy couches, and let kids release energy without destroying your home!

With the cold and rainy weather we have extended hours of play!